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Energy Audit

Energy Audits 

Residential Energy Audits 

In one short visit to your home, our trained experts will help you improve your homes’ energy efficiency and lower your utility bills. Our energy consultants are trained to evaluate when and how you use electricity. 

We will analyze the following: 

  • HVAC performance- duct leakage testing, air flow and distribution evaluation.
  • Advanced lighting survey- evaluates all lighting systems for efficiency.
  • Building envelope and weatherization inspection.
  • Insulation inspection- Infrared thermal scan.
  • Review of electric bills- Calculate percentage of heating and cooling consumption versus lighting.
  • Occupancy characteristics survey

A home energy audit from Lartz Heating and Air can lead to the following benefits for you home. 

Save on energy bills:

  • Enhance home comfort
  • Increase your property value
  • Improve ventilation and indoor air quality
  • Contribute to a cleaner environment
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